Commercial Projects

Putting furniture into a room is easy. Creating an exciting, creative yet focused space is not so easy. This is where we can help. We work closely with our clients, whether it be the end user or an interior designer, to ensure that the perfect space is created.

We work with the hospitality sector and office spaces to create fun and inspiring spaces. You can see some case studies below.


Recent Case Studies


Fashion Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University

One of our biggest jobs to date here at Wonky, the project took place between April-September 2017 and finished with a brilliant ribbon cutting ceremony by David Emanuel.


We worked closely with the Fashion Design Team to fulfill all of their needs. The outcome shown above is a range of furniture specifically tailored to the needs of a fashion design student. This includes large fabric cutting tables, full height mirror covered wardrobes and computer tables to match. We stuck to a clean industrial style so to match the industrial styling of Cardiff School of Art and Design.


Cardiff Centre for Entrepreneurship

The project brief was to transform Cardiff's Centre for Entrepreneurship into a creative, co-working space whilst working to a tight budget and keeping all of the current furniture in the space.


As always, we worked closely with the clients to fully understand the brief and in doing so provide the best possible outcome. We used the centre's strong brand identity to create desk divides that are fun and playful, yet highly practical. The different height variations in each divide create space for conversation with other co-workers or a space to work independently without distraction.

We created smaller side divides which were coating with blackboard paint, to further it's practicality.


Maisie's Street Food & Bar

Maisies is a quirky, independent bar in Uplands, Swansea. We started a professional relationship with them over a year ago when they approached us looking to commission two costume benches. 

Since then we have undertaken multiple projects for them including covid screens, maitre d stand, menu board, frame for their wall menu and shelving units to hold stock in the basement.

Humble Coffi

Looking for those statement items of furniture to add the wow factor to you're coffee shop? That is exactly what Humble Coffi was looking for! So we sat down with the guys and listened to their specification and ideas. Main of which was seating that allowed them to play with the layout of the space, to accommodate various events and different sized groups.


From the discussion we generated some ideas that they loved. The first idea was a jigsaw styled table that can either be three smaller tables or interlock to make one large for larger groups. The second was a room divider and shelving unit, perfect for displaying their own products and decorative items.